How many players can play One Hit Kill?

The Core deck is designed for 2-3 players. An expansion pack allows up to 6 players.

For what ages is One Hit Kill appropriate?

We’ve played it with kids as young as eight. There is no blood, no bad language, and the fantasy imagery leans toward goofy rather than scary.

What are the expansion packs?

One Hit Kill is designed to allow expansion packs that add additional Weapons, Classes and Specials that change up the gameplay. The only officially announced expansion is Death & Lore, which will ship at the same time as the Core deck.

What do I do when the Draw pile is empty?

Shuffle the Discard pile, then place it face-down as the new Draw pile.

Can I discard multiple cards at once?

Yes. On your turn, you can discard as many cards as you wish.

Why would players ever discard?

Because of the threat of Overload. When the Overload card is played (or shows up in the Field), any player with more than 10 cards must immediately discard down to 5 cards.

Do I need an official One Hit Kill deck to play?

It certainly helps, but in a pinch you can approximate the game using traditional card decks.

First, decide which suits match with which classes. We recommend Diamonds for Elemental (think buried gems), Hearts for Arcane (think magic), Clubs for Bio (think tree), and Spades for Tech (think tool).

Second, decide which of the face cards you want to represent which of the Specials. We recommend Ace for Overload, King for Transmute, Queen for Natural Selection and Jack for Regex. Use Joker for Chaos.

Third, you’ll need a way to represent the Weapon cards. You may want to use named index cards, with each one showing which cards and classes are required.