One Hit Kill is a card game for 2-3 players. An expansion pack allows up to 6 players. A game typically lasts about 10 minutes.

One Hit Kill draws from both traditional card games and European-style board games.


The object of the game is to be the first player to complete a Weapon. Each Weapon card requires a specific combination of Component cards to build.

Numbered cards need to be in the same suit and arranged in sequence (e.g. 2A-3A-4A-5A) like in gin or solitaire, or a straight flush in poker.

As in Ticket to Ride, players can choose whether to draw from the pile or a face-up field of available cards, which are periodically swept away. And just like Catan, there are disincentives to hoarding cards.

In the Box

The Core game consists of 70 cards:

- 20 black Weapon cards

- 40 white Component cards (numbered 1 to 10) in each Class: Arcane, Bio, Elemental and Tech

- 10 white Special cards (two each of Overload, Transmute, Natural Selection, Chaos and Regex)


Expansion packs add additional Weapons, new classes of Component cards, and additional Special cards.

The game was first announced in May 2015.